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What we do

Innovation and quality are at the heart of what we do. We specialise in the manufacture of dry and semi-moist pet food products, utilising extrusion and oven processes which are at the cutting edge of petfood production technology. These products are packed either in bulk or in a complete range of retail packs of various sizes and formats dependent on our customers' needs. Our products are then supplied into the dry / combination and semi moist pet food markets. We maintain our industry leading position by developing unique and quality products utilising a number of semi moist technology platforms.

Our Services

With an extensive R&D bias Bennington Foods is renowned for its level of technical expertise and product development skills. The Company's R&D focus has enabled us to deliver an additional service to our customers, providing a combined ‘developmental and production programme’ as part of our repertoire. We work extremely closely with our customers to understand the market rationale for how they wish to develop their products, and provide a bespoke design service including nutritional recommendations, feeding trials and packaging opportunities to deliver commercially competitive solutions and opportunities.